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People Strategies Inc. founded in 2003, is celebrating 18 years in business!

Wow, how the years fly by – but that is just because People Strategies, Inc. continues to be invited to partner with some of the most amazing people and organizations each year. It is these extraordinary times that require the best of people and organizations, and in ways that a year ago we were just coming to terms with. It is the essential ingredient of courageous leadership that truly stands out for me. That is the courage to dig deep and lead from the inside out. And this is something that organizations, their leaders and each person has had to grapple with over these once-in-a-lifetime events. Sometimes that has meant taking one step at a time and at other times taking a great leap of faith. No matter what, courageous leadership takes an alignment of the heart and the mind to see things clearly and to share that vision with all those looking for a light in the darkness and a new path forward.

What we have been able to experience firsthand in the work we are asked to do with leaders and their organizations is to help them to navigate these ever changing and challenging times. And what we have also been a witness to over this time is some of the most creative, compassionate and effective solutions being put into practice every day. It is not only the discipline that this requires, but sometimes showing one another that taking one step at a time is all that is possible and then adjusting things as they evolve – and then seeing the organizational and individual transformations that occur. This of course is not for the faint of heart!   

We dedicate this anniversary to all the courageous leaders who have stood with their people and organizations regardless of the challenges they have faced.

We know that we would not have made this wonderful milestone without you – our colleagues, clients, friends and family. We have had the opportunity to contribute to your organizations and careers in ways that we could have only dreamed of when we decided to incorporate. As we envision the future of People Strategies, Inc. we look forward to continuing the many long-standing client relationships we have and we look forward to creating new client relationships too.

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